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Name:Lenore (Supernatural)
Birthdate:Jan 27
Location:Montana, United States of America
If you would like a verse with this character, Pm me so we can discuss details.

Mun and muse are eighteen years plus. Lenore is a couple of hundred years old, having become a vampire when she was in her mid twenties.

Season 2, Episode 3: Bloodlust
Original Air Date—12 October 2006
The Winchester brothers enjoy Dean's new baby: a shiny newly restored car, while checking out a report of two recent human deaths and over a dozen split-open cows in the small town of Red Lodge, Montana. The local sheriff laughs at Sam and Dean's idea that a cult is behind it, claiming it happens naturally in the sun. But when Sam and Dean sneak into the morgue under false pretenses, they find a victim that has retractable vampire fangs. They catch black demon hunter Gordon Walker, who claims to be a friend of their late father and having made both kills after six months of vampire chasing started years before to avenge his sister who was killed by a vampire. Dean confesses to him he misses his seemingly unstoppable dad desperately. The boys are just in time to save Gordon from another vampire, but Ellen Harvelle warns Sam that Gordon is capable, but too dangerous to work with. Returning to the motel, Sam is knocked down and kidnapped by the vampires led by Eli and Lenore, who claim their kind feeds on only cows. Being released unharmed, Sam believes them, but feels Dean's fist for forsaking their mission and suggesting Dean joins Gordon as a poor substitute for father. Then Gordon goes after the nest alone, anyway...

Bloodlust opens under a blood red moon in Red Lodge, Montana, where a girl is being pursued through the dark woods. She hides behind a tree. After waiting for a few seconds, she steps around the tree just as a sickle cuts off her head.

Dean and Sam Winchester are tooling along the highway in Dean's Impala, which has recently been rebuilt after being almost destroyed in a previous episode. The brothers are on their way to Red Lodge, where they have heard stories of cattle being mutilated and people being beheaded. Posing as reporters for the World Weekly News...or maybe the Weekly World News...or maybe the World News Weekly...Dean and Sam interview the Red Lodge sheriff, wondering whether the cattle mutilations and beheadings might be related, perhaps by Satanic ritual, but the sheriff poohpoohs their suggestion. After giving them a lengthy description of what happens to the body of a dead cow left lying in the sun for 24 hours, the sheriff kicks the Winchesters out of his office. Next stop is the morgue where the boys don white lab coats in order to gain access to the bodies. While checking the dead girl's mouth, Dean notices a retractable fang. It's not Satanic ritual, Dean concludes. It's vampires.

The boys stop at a bar for a beer, also asking the bartender (after slipping him a $50) if he knows of any new residents with a reputation for being rowdy nightowls, partying and drinking all night. The bartender mentions the Barker farm. Dean and Sam thank him and then leave, walking around the corner, followed by a Black guy. They trap him between two buildings and hold a knife to his throat. He introduces himself as Gordon Walker [Sterling K. Brown], a vampire hunter who once met John Winchester and who has heard about Sam and Dean. Gordon tells them that the Barker farm is merely a group of hippies, but he has been tracking a real nest of vampires all the way from Austin. When Dean admits that he's itching for a hunt and would like to help clean out the nest, Gordon turns him down, saying that he prefers to work alone.

Gordon drives off. Dean and Sam, who are much better trackers, follow him to a machine shop where Gordon has routed out a vampire. Unfortunately, the vampire gets the best of Gordon, knocks him out, and places him on a table saw. Dean sneaks up behind the vampire, knocks him over, stakes him, and then cuts off his head with the saw. Gordon is duly impressed. Later, after Sam has returned to the motel, Dean and Gordon share a drink at the bar and trade stories. Gordon tells how he met his first vampire one night when it attacked his sister in her bedroom. The vampire knocked him out. When he woke, the vampire and his sister were both gone. Gordon tracked the vampire and, when he found it, that was his first kill. Dean shares with Gordon the story of his father's death and admits that he's having a hard time dealing with it. As Gordon and Dean sit drinking and bonding, Sam makes a phone call to his friend Ellen [Samantha Ferris], asking about Gordon Walker. Ellen warns Sam that Gordon is bad news and that he and Dean should steer clear of him. Gordon is a good hunter, she admits, but he's trouble. Let him work alone. While waiting for Dean to return, Sam steps out to the soda machine. When he returns to his room, he is attacked, knocked out, blindfolded, and driven away. When he awakens, he finds himself tied up and sitting smack dab in the middle of the vampires' nest. He is introduced to two vampires, Eli [Ty Olsson] and Lenore [Amber Benson]. Eli shows Sam his teeth, but Lenore explains that they aren't like the other vampires that Sam has met. They don't drink human blood, feeding instead on cattle. They simply want to be left alone. To show her sincerity, she has Sam blindfolded again and driven back to his motel.

But Sam is no dummy. Although blindfolded, he counts the minutes between leaving the nest and driving over a bridge, notes left and right turns, paved and dirt roads, everything he needs to make his way back to the nest. When he gets back to his motel room, he finds Dean and Gordon poring over a map of all the farms in the area, trying to identify which ones might be the vampires' nest. Sam takes Dean outside to talk with him privately, telling him what the vampires told him and expressing his opinion that these vampires ought not be exterminated. Dean is unconvinced.

"If it's supernatural, we kill it," Dean argues. "That's our job."

"No, it isn't," Sam retorts. "It's our job to fight EVIL, and if these things aren't killing people, they aren't evil."

Dean is still unconvinced by Sam's argument. Sam thinks that Dean is using Gordon to fill the hole left by their father when he died and asks that Dean give him the benefit of the doubt for now. When they return to their motel room, however, they find that Gordon has split. Figuring that Gordon has gone off to kill the vampires, they get into their Impala to find that Gordon has taken the keys. Dean is forced to hotwire the car. Sam then backtracks over the route to the nest, hoping to stop Gordon.

Back at the nest, Lenore is making plans to move out before sunrise. Eli drives into town to bring back the other vampires. As Lenore packs boxes into their car, she is attacked by Gordon and stabbed in the chest. Gordon ties her to a chair and proceeds to cut her skin with a knife dipped in dead man's blood, which works as a nonlethal poison to vampires. Gordon is using it to get Lenore to reveal the whereabouts of other vampires. Enter Dean and Sam. Glad to see Dean, Gordon invites him to grab a knife and join in, but Dean is disgusted and says so. Gordon agrees. She'll never talk, he says, and proceeds to draw out his knife..."just sharpened, so it's humane," The boys draw their guns and force Gordon to stop. To prove a point, Gordon grabs Sam, cuts his arm, and holds it over Lenore's mouth. As the first drops hit her lips, Lenore bares her vampire teeth. Then she turns her head, moaning "No...No...," and refuses to accept the bloodgift. Dean turns his gun on Gordon and tells Sam to get Lenore out of there. Gordon turns his knife on Dean. They seem to call a truce, Gordon placing his knife on a table and Dean emptying his magazine. Then they go fist to fist. In the middle of the fight, Gordon grabs his knife (no fair!). Dean ends up winning the fight and ties Gordon to a chair. Sam helps the vampires get away. Dean promises to call someone to release Gordon in a few days, then gives him a right to the jaw. "I'm good now," Dean says as he and Sam leave. [Synopsis by bj_kuehl]
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